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SSFPA Resources

Created with our members in mind

SSFPA Resource Library

Your Ultimate Guide to Business Excellence: Access an expansive, searchable database filled with resources on business planning, financing, operations, and more. Crafted for the Venture Capital Ready project in 2024, it’s now available to all members, offering valuable insights for every Canadian province and territory, including Indigenous and French-speaking entrepreneurs.

Food Safety and Regulatory Resources

Elevate or Establish Your Standards: Utilize our comprehensive list of educational materials and adaptable templates, perfect for any small or medium-sized food processing facility. Developed in 2024, these resources ensure your operations comply with the highest safety and regulatory standards.

Resources for Women Entrepreneurs in the Agri-Food Sector

Empowering Women in Food Processing: A curated collection of resources developed between 2022 and 2024, specifically supporting women entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector, fostering growth, innovation, and resilience.

BC Specialty Food Directory

Connecting with Local Producers: A resource for chefs, restaurateurs, and specialty food retailers to locate BC companies that produce or process great tasting, nutritious foods to enhance the flavour of recipes and dishes. Created in 2006.

Canada Specialty Food Directory

Connecting with Producers Across the Country: A resource for chefs, restaurateurs, and specialty food retailers to locate Canadian companies that produce or process great tasting, nutritious foods to enhance the flavour of recipes and dishes. Created in 2013.

More Resources

Resources from outside the SSFPA.

BC Co-operative Association

Promoting co-operative enterprise in Canada’s food sector.

Canadian Cooperative Association

Representing co-operatives and credit unions across Canada.

BC Food Protection Association

Promoting food safety and information exchange in BC since 1999.

BC Food and Beverage Association

BC Food & Beverage is a not-for-profit industry association representing food and beverage manufacturers in British Columbia, whose membership represents approximately $7 billion in industry revenues.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada supports the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector through initiatives that promote innovation and competitiveness.

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Promoting food sovereignty and democratic decision-making on science and technology issues.

Centre for Alternative Technology

Leading provider of information on environmental, sustainability, and alternative technologies.

Certified Organic Associations of BC

Overseeing the BC Certified Organic Program.

Organic Consumers Association

Covering genetically modified food, fair trade issues, and organic food production.

Farm Folk/City Folk

Advocating for local, fresh, seasonal food consumption and sustainable farming.

Island Farmers Alliance

Supporting sustainable agricultural sector development on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Small Farm Canada

Focusing on the significant yet often overlooked small farms across Canada.

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Offering health and safety resources for the food and beverage industry in BC.

Food Secure Canada

A pan-Canadian alliance working towards food security and sovereignty.

International Association for Food Protection

A global association of food safety professionals founded in 1911.

Investment Agriculture Foundation

Distributing funds for innovative projects benefiting the agri-food industry in BC.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Enterprise Budgets

Offering information on production costs and returns for various enterprises in southwest British Columbia.

Services for Agri-Processors Listings

A comprehensive database for Alberta’s agricultural processors.

Canadian Herb and Spice Association

Supporting the herb and spice industry with networking, education, and marketing.

Women’s Enterprise Centre

Helping women evaluate business ownership and providing resources and support.