2022-2023 Advance Payments Program (APP)

2022-2023 Greenhouse Advance Payments Program

The Small Scale Food Processor Association has administered the Advance Payments Program since 2011. Beginning November 1, 2022 for 2023-2024 program year, we have passed the administration of the program over to the Agricultural Credit Corporation. We anticipate a seamless transition between the two organizations. Please contact 1-888-278-8807 and then press ‘1’ for all enquiries. Happy farming!

The Advance Payments Program is a federal program, delivered and administered by the Small Scale Food Processor Association. The federal government funds the interest free benefit of the program and makes low interest rates available to Canadian producers.


The Small Scale Food Processor Association is pleased to present the Advance Payments Program. At this time we administer the program for vegetable producers, greenhouse operators and fruit growers in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The purpose of the APP is to increase marketing opportunities through the provision of government guaranteed cash advances. This allows the producer the flexibility to base their sales decisions on market conditions rather than their short term cash flow needs.

Click here to access more information and the program application forms.

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