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General –


Farmers – Jenny Macleod   Email: – phone:  250-247-9601 – Jenny is the secretary for District A Farmers – which is composed of the VI and Gulf islands Agriculture soicieties – she has also has an exyensive email list that she mails to including all regions of the province.  Fran Bach with the Ag-Digest is also another

– suggest we also send to the Agrologists society – Keith Duhaime in the Central Okanagan is the current president of the association

Fran Bach – witht eh Ag-digest – we could also see if she is willing to do an editorial

Direct Farm Market groups and the ag- tourism –


Farmers’ markets – send to list from BCAFM and if anyone knows of one that is not listed with them, please advise Robert


Dairy – send letter and direct mailer – Nancy Ross the dairy consultant will be following up


Meat (abbatoirs) – send letter and direct mailer – Vic and Gerry will be following up


Butchers – some are included in our master list – we are awaiting Syon’s assistance from the BCCDC – Phil any word yet?


Bakers – robert I understand you have a list as well this will be accessed through the Regional Health authorities when granted permission – Phil had some information.