SSFPA Celebrates 20 Years!

The SSFPA is celebrating 20 years of service to small scale food processors! To mark the occasion, the SSFPA hosted a virtual celebration on October 21, 2022.  This celebration is not only a look back at all of the remarkable work done by the SSFPA and its members, but also a look forward at all of the exciting initiatives and innovation to come. Scroll below to check out the anniversary recording, list of award recipients, and statements from supporters.

Award Recipients

We would like to take the time to recognize SSFPA members for their years of service. The community that SSFPA members have built is the backbone of our organization and we want to congratulate you on achieving this anniversary with us!

5-9 Years of Membership

  • Margaret Daskis: Fresh Ideas and Solutions Inc.
  • Lovena Harvey: Gathering Place Trading 
  • Natisha Mathews: Great Little Box Company 
  • Graham Bavington: Hee Haw Horseradish
  • Miles Armstead: Lush Valley Food Action Society
  • Jessica Duncan: Singing Bowl Granola 
  • Richard Quring: Wild Moon Organics 
  • Dale Norton: Bake My Day 
  • Claver Bundac: Biomedix
  • Greg McLaren: Farm Food Drink
  • Amanda Roberts: Capri CMW
  • Michela Horak: Direct Organics Plus 
  • Sylvia Chong: Foundtree Product Design
  • Pam Verhaeghe: Fresh is Best Salsa co.
  • Judy Han: Fresh Sprouts International ltd.
  • Walter Dullemond: FTC Internal Consulting ltd.
  • Glenda Burg: Gerards Specialty Foods 
  • Howard McMahon: Howards Food Co-Packing

5-9 Years of Membership

  • Dickens Cheung: Ingenia Natural Inc. (Origana)
  • Amy-Jo Myton: Johnston Packers ltd.
  • Genevieve Blanchet: Le Meadows Pantry
  • Michelle Willaims: Outback Nursery
  • Eric Pateman: Sea to Sky Seasonings 
  • Susan and Harvey: Snow Farms 
  • Monica De La Fuente: Sunrise Pita 
  • Sharon Ryper: Aunty Penny’s Gourmet Specialties 
  • Ramona Brar: Brar Natural Flour Milling
  • Linda Kassels: Fieldgold Food Products
  • Nikos Patsis: Simon’s Specialty Foods
  • Mark Hartely: Stoke Roasted Coffee 
  • Felix Shellenberg: A&S Enterprise Management 
  • Ron Schneider: Heartacres Farms 
  • Margaret Paterson: Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association 
  • Bob Hayre: Logitrak Systems Inc. 
  • Cathline James: Wise Bites Collections Inc.

Special Service Award

  • Sandra Mark: Founder
  • Frank Moreland: Founder
  • Nelson Barsi: Advanced Payments Program Admin
  • Phyllis Horn: Volunteer Officer
  • Candice Appleby: Executive Director

10-14 Years of Membership

  • Paula Diakiw: Lake Country Harvest
  • Carrie Blondin: Premier Containers (1983) Inc.
  • Ron Wasik: RJW Consulting 
  • Nancy Ross: Ross Food Consulting
  • Yoselin Franco: Zara’s Pasta
  • Dyana Biagi: Aji Gourmet Products 
  • Bill Code: Canadian Emu Oil ltd.
  • Donat Koller: Happy Days Dairy
  • Alex Dadzis: Mava Foods
  • Pamela Fox: Silver Rill Berry Farm
  • Vikram Bajaj: Ace Curries
  • Merissa Scott: Canadian Cultured Dairy Inc.
  • Michael and Lee Lonsdale: Edible Gardens 
  • Afke Zonderland: Okanagan Rawsome Nat. Foods
  • Jason Pleym: Two Rivers Specialty Meats
  • Pamela Baxter: Cascadia Gluten Free Foods 
  • Carmen Wakeling: Eatmore Sprouts and Greens 
  • Ilona Pretorious Edible Coast Ent. Inc.
  • Jerry Gelderman: Gelderman Farms 
  • Ken Gallie: Label Pak Printing
  • Dave Connell: University of Northern BC / Environmental Planning

15-20 Years of Membership

  • Mike Campbell: Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery
  • Kathleen Buote: Garden Incredibles 
  • Bernice Neff: Glenwood Valley Farms 
  • Carrie-Anne Palmeri: Nature’s Path Food 
  • Peter Young: Wineland Dressing 
  • Maureen Drew: Artisan Edibles 
  • Bryan Mooney: First Choice Cannabis Products 
  • Gerry Pattison: Pattison Farms 
  • Andrea Gray Grant: Gray Grant Consulting (Good to Grow)
  • Karen Curtis: Kic’s Lemonade
  • Alana Elliot: Libre Naturals 
  • Doug Smith: Natural Pastures Cheese Co.
  • Phillip Watney: Phillip Watney
  • Donna Dennison: Little Creek Dressings

Statements from Supporters

“Congratulations to the Small Scale Food Processor Association on their 20th anniversary!  They have played a significant role in providing advocacy, support and services to assist small food businesses in the program to develop and grow. We are proud to have the SSFPA as a member of our MarketSafe and ProcessSafe Steering Committees; helping to ensure that the FOODSAFE suite of products meet the needs of all stakeholders.”

 “On behalf of Vancity, I would like to congratulate you on achieving this amazing milestone.  You have an amazing team at SSFPA that is dedicated to the local food sector and the impact it has globally.  We are so happy to be a financial and community partner. Keep raising the bar, and Happy 20th Anniversary!”

“WeBC extends our heartfelt congratulations to the Small Scale Food Processors Association on their 20 year anniversary. We are a proud partner in their Access to Finance for Women Food Processor Entrepreneurs project and have seen first-hand how their proactive support of small businesses drives impactful change in the industry. Our sincere appreciation to the board, staff and other partners for contributions to lead and support the SSFPA. We look forward to our continued collaboration!”

“FCC would like to congratulate the SSFPA and its members on 20 years of success and contribution to the Food industry. Well done!”

 “Last year, Mission Community Skills Centre Society worked with 225 young people through our agfood employment programs.  Small Scale Food Processors has been a partner of ours delivering these programs for years now. On behalf of our Board and Staff, we would like to say thank-you for helping turn young people onto the business of food.”

“Congratulations to the Small-Scale Food Processors Association on reaching this milestone. For 20 years you have worked hard to advance awareness of the barriers that independent food processors and growers – including women and diverse entrepreneurs — often face to start-up and scale-up their food businesses. And you support our economy, our agri-food sector, and our food security. Here’s to another 20 years of success!”