SSFPA Background Documents

Hello SSFPA Members,

The two documents below have been circulated to members on previous occasions.

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading documents to this page on an ongoing basis. 

The “Growing the Canadian Food Processing Sector” document is a draft.

 growing the canadian food processing sector – a proposed industry-government action plan – english.doc

The National Strategy document below is in its final form. 


July 2008

The documents pertaining to the National Food Processing Industry Round Table have just been released (July 8, 2010).  You may access them below.  They consist of 5 documents.  Annex 1 – 5 and the Record of Decision.







Febuary 2010

Candice Appleby recently attended an event hosted by the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco. The trade commissioner provided the following presentations to share with the SSFPA members. If you have any questions regarding any of the presentations, please feel free to contact Candice by email or toll-free 866-547-7372.

SPINS: Information and Insight to Grow the Natural & Specialty Products Industry
Bobbi Leahy

Entering the North American Organic Market
Sunny Crowley

The Kosher Marketplace: How This Growing Market Can Help Increase Sales and Attract Customers
Orthodox Union (OU)

Shipping and Distribution Channels: Customs Broker Presentation to Canadian Exporters
Norman B. Jensen Inc.

Introduction and Partnership Discussion: Canadian Retail Suppliers
Prime Distribution Services, Inc. (PDS)



Candice Appleby  866-547-7372